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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

BPM consulting for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Every aspect of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process must be controlled and monitored. In order to ensure the integrity of the enterprise and to maintain quality assurance, the implementation of standards such as ISO 9000 must be pursued. This means installing efficiently designed processes throughout the operation from product development, to supply chain and shipping. By adopting a strong, process-centric culture, your company can smoothly transition from chaotic and ad hoc management systems to a smooth running operation that will increase profits.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

By using our products, your company gains the accountability and consistency that will give you a cutting edge over your competition. Our tools ensure that all processes are properly understood, allowing you to increase the safety as well as the efficiency of your operations.

ISO Compliance

Our process methodology and support for business rules and risk/control management allows effective process design that has all the appropriate checks and balances.

Utilize Resources

Business process management will expose unused resources and allow you to take better advantage of them along the length of the process.

Manage Workflow

Our Workflow engine which helps deliver work where it is needed by integrating people, processes and technologies and keeps employees updated on priorities.

Ensure Transparency

Know where resources are being used and maintain efficient work habits by planning well in advance.

Model Business Rules

Our approach to Business Process Management allows your company to easily implement business rules that can be reused and easily updated along the length of your processes.

Create Portable Process Manuals

Our product can generate complete output of processes and related information, ready to print. Making it an excellent collaborative tool and allows your employees to share information widely.

Implement Standard Methodologies

Avoid the need for continual trial and error in improving your agency’s operational efficiency; get a head start by taking advantage of industry standards.

Encourage Collaboration

By uniting goals and creating a common framework for your agents, they will be able to cooperate at a previously unattained level.

Consistently Flawless Quality

If consistent high quality service is the key to profitability in this arena, so is your proven ability to deliver world class output that conforms to guidelines and standards. This is another area where EPC helps you achieve cost savings by streamlining your workflow management and process automation, wherever possible.

As a result, you have a standardized template of processes to be followed to achieve the ideal quality of deliverables. This template delinks your business profitability from the individual talents and skills of your employees. If you set up production at a new facility with new employees, you can maintain your quality levels, which is critical for your reputation in this highly competitive marketplace. At the same time, EPC lets you continuously evaluate your processes and tweak them to achieve continuous improvement despite the business complexity inherent to this niche.

Streamline user experiences, address the market needs quickly and take advantage of emerging needs instantly with an agile business that is supported by our reliable BPM systems. Address demand to the optimum levels without undertaking excessive risk or investing in unnecessary inventory by having complete control over every aspect of your process chain with EPC.


The best pharmaceutical companies, equipped with a skilled workforce, world-class equipment and substantial capital, may fail to achieve their potential if they are saddled with inefficient processes. Whether the flawed processes are in key production areas, at the packaging stage or in inventory, the business profits take the hit. To identify the incorrect or inefficient processes, the very first step is process mapping. This allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement so that the right action can be taken at the right time.

Customer Service Excellence Without Compromise

Another key defining factor for success in the pharmaceutical industry is the quality of customer relationship management. It is critical to go beyond the traditional buyer-purveyor interaction and benefit from each sale as an opportunity to add value to the customer. This is only possible when you can manage customer profiles, track your previous interactions and access data about them instantly. The Enterprise Process Center (EPC) can help you create customer engagement experiences that are beyond exemplary, thus encouraging loyalty in your clientele and eliminating risk of errors or mismatches.

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