Exploring the Benefits of IoT

by Kurt Kelley
Sep 27th, 2018

On June 28, Interfacing welcomed Kurt Kelley to demonstrate the benefits of embracing Internet of Things (IoT) as part of the transformation strategy. IoT has been at the forefront of enabling business change for several years now, and its adoption curve is steadily rising. IoT is a network of devices, sensors, and connectivity that enable things to connect and exchange data. This creates opportunities for more direct integration into computer-based systems from the physical world, which result in benefits such as efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through clear and proper expectations, these connected solutions, using post-implementation data, have shown impressive ROIs.

Embracing IoT as part of the digital transformation strategy has the potential to produce bottom-line results through additional revenue, increased efficiencies, and new business models. “There’s always the challenge of ‘How do I interact with this?’,” exclaimed Kurt Kelley, CEO of Excelerated Technology Consulting. User interface is critical to understand potential clients. If things are not meeting their needs, it is in human nature to use what works the easiest. Digital Transformation is nothing more than taking current business and digitizing it in one way or form. By centralizing user desires into a transformative perspective, companies will be able to capture the maximum potential of digital transformation.

IoT can help drive this change, providing organizations with a bigger data ecosystem which can then be transformed into a wide range of operational activities. It provides insight, asset status, and the nature of work. In order to maximize the potential of transformation, IoT should be integrated with the operational systems. It not only lowers barriers of entry, but also minimizes risks and improves customer experience while boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Digital Transformation is unavoidable if companies want to remain competitive. This type of transformation relies on major forces, for example, IoT, to gain operational efficiencies, deepen customer engagement, strengthen competitive advantage, achieve cost-effectiveness and more.

To learn more about the benefits of IoT for Digital Transformation, check out our webinar:

Digital Transformation:

Exploring the benefits of IoT

Kurt has been connecting people, places, and things for more than twenty years with the mission to create ecosystems that excel in innovation. His tech career started with connecting people through local internet service providers in the 90’s; then he moved into IT consulting and began connecting places. During this phase, the importance of connecting things became clear which lead to his next move into wireless. During his almost ten-year tenure with Verizon, he worked with many fortune enterprises, SMB and government entities to solve challenges. After leaving he joined Stream Technologies as VP-Strategic Partnerships to drive adoption of their platform using cellular, satellite and low power wide-area network (LPWAN) partners. This move inspired a new awareness for the up and coming LPWAN connectivity market developed to expand options and challenge traditional models. Next, he founded Excelerated Technology Consulting to offer services helping with strategy, modeling, customer development, manufacturing, distribution, and go-to-market among others. In parallel becoming a co-founder and board member of several companies in the Texas market. Additionally, Kurt enjoys regularly delivering talks on next-generation technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having developed a deep understanding of many markets and industries has produced a unique skill set to both create and execute meaningful strategies for his clients and partners.

Kurt Kelley

CEO, excelerated technology consulting

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