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Digital Quality Management System

Map, analyze and automate processes, manage regulatory compliance, asses risks within a single platform!  Interfacing’s digital twin solution is an enterprise management system that helps companies digitilize processes to streamline operations, increase productivity and continuously improve.


Gartner® Certified

Recognized by industry leading technology analyst firm Gartner® as a global leading Digital Twin

Modeling & Documentation

A Centralized Repository
  • 360 Degree Visibility
  • Consistent, Reusable & In-sync
  • Localizable & Comparable
  • Structured Enterprise Architecture
  • Simplified Change Maintenance
Mapping & Modeling
  • MS Office (Visio, Excel & Word) Migration
  • Standardized Mapping Notation (BPMN 2.0.)
  • Beyond BPMN
  • Flexible Map Details
  • Hierarchical Frameworks
  • RACI Responsibility Framework (RASCI-VS)
  • Hierarchy & Map Auto-Sequencing
  • Intuitive mapping
  • Automatic Graph Layouts & Views
Comprehensive Documentation
  • Multi-language Content Localization
  • Document Repository & Management
  • Rich Text Formatting
  • Standardized & User-definable Fields
  • Customizable Document Templates
  • Spell Check
User Friendly Access & Navigation
  • Web Based & Mobile Responsive
  • Corporate Branding
  • Full Text Search
  • Portal Employee Personalization
  • User Specific Reports
  • Digital & Hard-copy Accessibility
  • Forum for Continuous Improvement
  • Unique URL
  • Automated System Notifications
Output & Reports
  • Automatic document generation
  • Export & System Integration
  • All Fields Reportable
  • 50+ Out-of-box Reports
  • Analysis Reports
  • Content Reports
  • Program Reports

Analysis & Improvement

Value Based Lean Analysis
  • Flow analysis
  • Value-added processing
  • Waste Identification
Quantitative Reporting
  • Data analysis
  • User-defined attributes
  • Operational Intelligence
Organization Impact Assessment
  • Impact analysis
  • System touchpoint visibility
  • Process and version comparisons
  • Maturity assessment
Complete Improvement lifecycle management
  • Automated review scheduling
  • Improvement requests
  • Task assignment and notification
  • Serial vs. Parallel approvals
  • Read confirmations

Collaboration & Governance

Communication & Notifications
  • Discussion forums
  • Post tracking
  • Collect Feedback & Votes
  • Notifications
  • Increased user adoption
Multi-User Collaboration
  • Collaborative development
  • Redundancy elimination
  • Automated communications
  • Subscriptions
Ownership & Accountability Assignment
  • RASCI-VS Matrix
  • Recurrent notifications
  • Process subscriptions
  • Read confirmations
  • Automated revision cycles
Change Lifecycle Management
  • Automated review scheduling
  • Improvement requests
  • Task assignment & notifications
  • Serial v. parallel approvals
  • Read confirmations
  • Improvement Lifecycle historic
Versioning & Audit Trails
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Version Comparisons
  • Major and minor version stamping
  • Approval history
Security Access Management
  • Drafting and official versioning
  • Role-based access control
  • User authentication
  • Encrypted communications
  • Delete, write, read and approval permissions
  • User grouping
  • Security inheritance

Policies & Procedures

Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Available Anytime & Anywhere (Mobile)!
  • Search and Go
  • SOP Task-by-task Navigation
  • Media Support (Videos)
  • Embed Application Links & Website URLs
  • Soft-copy SOP Document Preview
Automated Hard-copy Print SOPs
  • Document generator
  • Standardized Templates
  • Rich-text Editing (bullet, images, tables)
  • Document Version Stamping
  • Translate into Multiple Languages (All Languages)
Process Based SOP
  • Auto-Generated SOPs based on Process Flowcharts
  • Procedure Task Alignment
  • Process & SOP ongoing sync
  • Navigation GPS Process Bearing Point
Policy and Business Rule Management
  • Policy, Law and Regulation Management
  • Business Rule Breakdown
  • Business Rule Process Breakdown
  • Policy and Operations Alignment

Risk & Control

Total Risk Lifecycle Management
  • Risk identification Library
  • Risk likelihood & impact assessment
  • Residual risk & action prioritization
  • Customizable risk matrix
  • Child Risk Break-down
Process-Oriented Risk Assessment & Control
  • Process Visibility Provides Risk Clarity
  • Process & Task Risk Analysis
  • Communicate Relevance of Controls
  • Reusable risks & controls
  • Clarify Key Control Tasks
Integrated Control Management
  • One central control repository
  • Rules and controls
  • Control attributes and settings
  • Audit Capabilities
  • COSO ERM Framework
  • Reporting
Risk & Control Monitoring
  • Key risk and control indicators
  • Measure by risk and control objective
  • Hierarchy diagrams
  • Target threshold setting
  • Sourcing

Strategy & Performance

Corporate Strategy
  • Define Corporate Strategy Map
  • Break-down Corporate Goals into Measurable Objectives & KPIs
  • Top-Down / Bottom-Up Performance Traceability
  • Track all KPI’s Performance within a Single List
Performance Management
  • Gain Performance Perspective
  • Manage KPI Target Performance Threshold
  • Actual vs. Target Threshold Dashboard
  • View Performance History & Trends
  • Monitor your Team’s and Own Performance
Operational Intelligence
  • Gain 260 degree view of Objectives & KPIs Touchpoints
  • Clarify Owner and Description of Objectives & KPIs
  • Identify Underlying Operations of Objectives & KPIs
  • Operational Alignment
  • Strategy & Governance Alignment
Process Performance
  • Monitor Process and Task Performance
  • Monitor KPI Performance within Process Map
  • Monitor Company-wide Process Performance Centrally
Management Strategy Alignment
  • GRC Strategy
  • Lean Six Sigma Strategy
  • CMMI Strategy
  • Adoption of Best Practice and Continuous Improvement
  • Cross-Departmental Process Based Goals Management

Audit & Compliance

Audit Planning & Scheduling
  • Set audit plans
  • Assign resources to audits
  • Create an audit schedule
Audit Results & Reporting
  • Capture audit results
  • Completion, review and approval trail
  • Complete audit trails
CAPA & Action Item Management
  • Problem management
  • Corrective and preventive action plans
  • Assign action items
Regulatory Compliance
  • Identification and prevention
  • Monitoring and detection
  • Compliance through ownership
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Corporate adoption
Laws & Business Rules
  • Convert laws and policies into rules
  • Organizational and process-based rules
  • Document rule implications
  • Visualize affected parts of the business architecture

Document & Knowledge

Simplified & Integrated Portal Interface
  • Full Elastic Full Text Search
  • Automatic Information Retrieval System
  • Direct Access From Homepage & Various Navigation Frameworks
  • Soft Copy Preview before Download
  • Hard Copy Printout
Edit Conformity & Information Security
  • Rich Text Editor & Customizable Templates
  • Multi-language Content Localization
  • Hassle-free Viewing & Comparing Revisions
  • 360 Degree Security Measures
  • Approval Cycles with In-time Notifications
Collaborative Document Management
  • Automatic & User-defined Reviews
  • Filtering & Control
  • Subscription-based Monitoring & Tracking
  • Document Maturity Modeling
Knowledge Management
  • Information Sharing
  • Document Backup & Recovering
  • Knowledge Reuse & Retention

Master Data & Data Governance

Master Data Governance
  • App Web Editing
  • Master Reference Source & Data Integration
  • Complete Data Lifecycle Management
  • Ownership & Accountability Assignment
Master Data Migration
  • Database Entity Schema & Relationship Diagram
  • Time, Costs & Risk Reductions
  • Simplified Data & Knowledge Sharing
Alignment between Actions and Objectives
  • Processes & Flow Shapes
  • Execution Control
  • One Discipline for Multiple Specialized Improvement
Change Management
  • Data-Process Relationship
  • Simplified Change Maintenance
  • Culture of Data

Rapid Application Development Tools (RAD Tools)

Design & Manage Entities
  • Flexible Entity Design
  • Automated Entity Management
Design & Manage Processes
  • Graphical Process Design
  • Integrated Process Management
Design & Manage Forms
  • Low-code Development Platform
  • Responsive Post-form Maintenance
Design & Manage Tasks
  • Dynamic Task Design
  • In-time Task Management
Design & Manage BPMS-based Applications
  • Admin Console Design Environment
  • In Sync Management for Different Environments
Integration with External Resources & Applications
  • Connect External Apps to a Process
  • Connect to External Resources & Apps
Define & Manage Rules/Guards/Actions
  • Define Rules/Guards/Actions
  • Manage Rules/Guards/Actions
BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Performance Tasking
  • Decision Support System (DSS)
User Homepage
  • Task Tracking
  • Customization
Ongoing Process Management Module
  • Pause & Play On
  • Exclude Specific Processes like
Electronic Services
  • Tracking Codes
  • In-time Notifications
  • Voice Messages
Business Dashboard
  • Performance Dashboard Design
  • Performance Dashboard Reporting


The integration of our internal audit objectives within our business operations is a novel approach that has exceeded our highest expectations in terms of the effectiveness of our compliance initiative. The Global Control Standard implementation program has allowed us to promote a culture of governance and process improvement across the organization.

Richard Hughes

Director of Finance, Pepsico

Enterprise Process Center is easy to use, requiring little or no training for rollout therefore lowering resistance especially by our non-tech employees.It also allows us to easily train new employees with the knowledge relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Andrea Pierce

Business Applications, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

All of the BPM suites we considered had functionalities that didn’t meet UNAM’s present needs. With Enterprise Process Center (EPC) we chose which modules we needed to address the problems we were facing currently, with the flexibility to extend in the future as UNAM’s process maturity grows.

Alfonso Velázquez Tavira

PWC BAS Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

We have been working with Interfacing Technologies since July 1998. Integrating business units, by aligning practices between different sites, has been facilitated by being able to link all our processes into one integrated framework shared by all managers. We are counting on FirstSTEP to enable us to simulate anticipated business volumes and efficiently prepare for and manage our growth with tailored action plans.

David Orcutt

VP & General Manager of Programs and Customer Support, Bombardier Aerospace

The EPC is allowing us to fill in process gaps that standard flowchart tools could not.

Dave McCloskey

North American BSM Leader, Equifax

Our auditors gave us excellent feedback on the use of the EPC as part of our GCS implementation initiative. They were particularly impressed with our ability to identify controls and relate them to risks prioritized with the Risk Matrix. They have since recommended our approach to internal GCS compliance as best-practice for other PepsiCo plants.

Control Officer Team


The EPC is an integral tool to enable the delivery of our Global Service Management strategy.

Global Technologies Operations Office


We chose EPC over Bizagi BPM, Fuego BPM and Microsoft Biztalk Server because of its wide range of integrated functionality when it comes to process mapping and automation.

Alfonso Velázquez Tavira

PWC BAS Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

EPC’s competitive licensing pricing will allow us to deploy the software to about 36,000 expected end users across Mexico in the next two years.

Alfonso Velázquez Tavira

PWC BAS Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

We were very selective when we evaluated these tools because any software that we leave with a client creates a direct tie-back to our firm.

Kathryn Douglass

Managing Partner, WillowTree

We chose the EPC because, not only does it meet the client requirements, but we felt that it represents us well and will serve as a positive reminder of the engagement.

Kathryn Douglass

Managing Partner, WillowTree

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