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Business Transformation Webinars

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Industry Expert Webinar Series

Dealing with today’s fast-paced environment and the need to keep up with new technologies has become an unprecedented challenge. Interfacing’s Webinar series features world-class guest speakers focus on helping you improve your organization’s performance.

The topics of our webinars cover a wide range of business challenges and industry best practices such as Digital Business Transformation, Quality Management, Enterprise Architecture, Risk Assessment, and Process Improvement to name a few. Learn from the experts!

Thomas Rickert

Join us online at Interfacing for our FREE webinar:

“GDPR Pitfalls and Best Practices from a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) perspective”, by Thomas Rickert on

May 27th, 2020, at 8:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 17:00 CEST

In this 1-hour webinar, Interfacing and Thomas Rickert will discuss:

  • GDPR roles and responsibilities in group companies
  • Challenges of decentralized data storage
  • Incident management
  • GDPR applicability for non-EU companies
  • International data transfers
  • Operationalizing the GDPR compliance framework using EPC

This special event partners Interfacing with Thomas Rickert, General Manager of the law firm Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft m.b.H., as we explore critical concepts around GDPR; as well as compliance with regulation requirements from a legal and operational perspective.

Thomas is an expert in GDPR, domain law, brand law, copyright law, IT law, media youth protection law, marketing, and distribution law.

Amid the overwhelming need to digitalize operations, we will discuss how organizations can be proactive in their GDPR compliance and avoid the massive fines and penalties prescribed in the regulation.

GDPR Pitfalls and Best Practices is a must-attend for guidance to prevent liability exposure to business assets and reputation.

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How To Improve Your Organization’s Performance

Dawn Ringrose

Dawn Ringrose is Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists and has consulted to management in areas that positively contribute to organizational performance since 1984. She has worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors with small, medium, and large organizations and several of these organizations have earned national excellence awards.

Attend this session to learn about this formula and how your organization can apply it to achieve exceptional results – good governance, trust in leadership, customer delight, employee engagement, continually improving work processes, strong supplier and partner relationships, better utilization of resources, balanced system of measurement, and financial results.

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Growth Challenges and Themes OEMs Face in the Digital Age

Alex Glaser

In this webinar, Alex Glaser explains the current challenges and success factors of OEMs in industrial markets in the digital age:

  • Framing Growth Opportunities in Industrial Markets
  • Current Challenges OEMs are Facing in The Market Place Today
  • Future Technology Requirements for Digital and IoT Deployments
  • Business Models and Monetization Opportunities
  • Ecosystems and Partnership Requirements
  • Success Factors OEMs must consider

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Lean Driven Innovation

May 29th, 2018

Norbert Majerus, 

born and raised in Luxembourg and joined Goodyear there in 1979.  Early in his career at Goodyear, he moved to Akron to focus on innovative products, an assignment resulting in his acquisition of over 60 patents and trade secrets.

Goodyear turned Norbert’s innovation skills towards much need improvements in tire development and project management.  Beginning in 2005, Norbert has improved the product development system at three Goodyear global innovation centers, culminating in Goodyear’s recognition as among the most successful adopters of Lean Product Development.  In his publication, Lean Driven Innovation, Norbert offers guidance to individuals and teams, who are interested in achieving comparable success in innovation and organizational improvement within their own organizations.

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Digital Transformation Process Redesign

March 28th, 2018

Steven Stanton, 

Managing Partner of FCB Partners, has participated in the development of many of the most innovative and valuable business ideas of the past ten years such as Business Reengineering, Process Management, and Smart Work, a revolutionary way of creating value. In this webinar we discussed:
• What’s the digitization Case for Action? What are consequences of Inaction?
• How does digitization changs process improvement methodologies?
• What are the dominant design patterns of digitized processes?

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Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management

February 13th, 2018

Gary Cokins

is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author in advanced cost management and performance improvement systems. He is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC. His employment experience ranges from 30+ years as a consultant for reputable firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, EDS, and SAS.

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Next-Generation Operational Excellence

 October 31st, 2017

Brad Power

is a consultant and researcher on process innovation, helps organizations serve customers by improving operating models and work flows. From his early days working with Michael Hammer in the 1990s to his more recent experience at the Lean Enterprise Institute, he has had a passion for developing continuous improvement as an element of corporate culture.

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Understanding Business Architecture

 September 20th, 2017

Bernard Gagnon
M.A.Sc. is Co-Founder and President of ASATE Group Inc. He has more than 30 years of experience working with organizations in the aerospace, banking, biotech, investment, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and utility industries.

Pierre Hadaya
Ph.D. is a professor at the School of Management of Université du Québec à Montréal. As Co-Founder of ASATE Group Inc., Dr. Hadaya also collaborates with organizations striving to transform themselves so they can develop a competitive advantage.

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New Designs for New Times

 August 9th 2017

Steven Stanton, 

Managing Partner of FCB Partners, has participated in the development of many of the most innovative and valuable business ideas of the past ten years such as Business Reengineering, Process Management, and Smart Work, a revolutionary way of creating value. Mr. Stanton is also known as the co-author, with Dr. Michael Hammer, of the New York Times best-selling “Reengineering Revolution” and the Harvard Business Review article “How Process Organizations Really Work.”

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Digital Transformation - Exploring the Benefits of IoT

June 28th, 2018

Kurt Kelley, 

Throughout the last twenty plus years of connecting people, places, and things, Kurt has personally witnessed a vast amount of change in businesses that evolved with technology. The IoT has been at the forefront of enabling these changes for several years now with the adoption curve steadily rising. Through clear and proper expectations, these connected solutions have shown impressive ROIs using post-implementation data.

In this webinar, Kurt Kelley demonstrates the benefits of embracing the IoT as part of the digital transformation strategy with the potential to produce bottom-line results through additional revenue, increased efficiencies, and new business models. 

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