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Why Business Architecture?

Information technology is growing to be increasingly essential for business success. Organizations should incorporate better tools to ensure their business architecture aligns with their strategic goals to enable effortless adoption of change when needed. Companies will be able to increase their agility and stay competitive with the help of Business Architecture.

Business Architecture offers a vision of the future state of an organization, aligning mission and goals with tactics and strategies. It rationalizes a roadmap in relation to business capabilities, resources and competencies while recognizing internal and external factors that determine the marketplace. Capturing the structural relationships within organizations, it allows for an ameliorated understanding and analysis of the interconnected nature of the organization.


The blueprints of Business Architects illustrate the fundamental structure of an organization; the documents and diagrams involved in this process can be managed and created through software products like Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center. Business Architecture’s key inputs are strategy and business models. Business Architecture is the bridge between enterprise strategies and business functionality.
Strategy drives changes to Architecture which then translates Strategy into Execution. It is a continuous cycle resulting in continuous improvement. Business Architecture assures consistent application design across all delivery projections, thus enabling quick smooth decision making when necessary. It binds together different sectors, viewpoints, underlying principles, and systems, resulting in a repository of information that will improve decision making regarding business and technological changes.  This practice aims to help organizations understand the structure and the way they work.

Benefits of Business Architecture


Enhanced Communication

Cost Effective


Gather As-Is Information

Identifying End-User Needs

Capability assessments

Analyze Impact on Business and IT Strategies and Drive Decision for Adopt, Adapt or Develop

Update IT Architecture Documentation Accordingly

Hand-over Implementations, Adaptations, New Developed Applications to Operations

Include New Elements in Support Organization

Why Interfacing?

Interfacing aims to help launch your business forward. We realize the potential of business architecture and how critical it is for translating strategy into execution for businesses and organizations. We tailor to specific industries, so whether your organization is in consulting or pharmaceuticals, we’ve got a personalized solution for you! Our services accurately provides a real time illustration of IT landscapes and insights on all the applications and technological aspects involved, which includes but does not limit to the information they exchange and the organizational processes they support. With the adoption of our Enterprise Process Center software, the organization will experience an increase in agility and flexibility and allow for fast responsiveness to new business challenges and demands; building your business with cost-effective, long term planning.

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